Services Recruitment

Being a services provider, ‘Recruitment’ has been the primary activity of Pinnacle HR and in this process, Lateral Hiring, Manpower Sourcing, Executive Search, Head Hunting, and Putting the Right Talent in the Right Job are our major constituents. As an organization, we are known for our core values, and for reinforcing those values in every step we take forward.

Lateral Hiring

Lateral Hiring or Specialized Hiring is hiring an expert for filling up the requirement and generally this expert is from another organization, and it would be advantageous to employ him/her. In this Lateral Hiring work, we at Pinnacle HR thoroughly investigate the job skills of the candidate under consideration, and if found suitable, make efforts to get an affirmation from him. Inputting out 'feelers' for this potential candidate, we try to find out whether he is satisfied at his current employment, are his skills have been overlooked there, what are his current firm's offerings and can a better package lure him. If the projects and offerings appeal to him, and he agrees to our job offer, he is then brought in as a valued member of the organization for our Client.

Manpower Sourcing

Pinnacle HR, over the years, has been considerably involved in 'Manpower Sourcing', wherein we enter into agreements with external organizations or service providers to perform their certain operations or functions. Through this activity of ours, we take pride in meeting the manpower sourcing requirements of some of the reputed companies and organizations, consistently enabling their HR functions.

Executive Search

‘Executive Search’ is our specialized type of recruitment process wherein we work for the recruitment of highly skilled senior management talent like CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, HRD etc for different organizations. Our team identifies the best candidates and the right ones for the job, and ultimately lead us to make the right decisions.

Head Hunting

In our ‘Head Hunting’ process, we try to find and recruit the specific candidate for the specialized positions and unlike the whole recruitment process where we conduct Head Hunting for the hiring of one person for the required job.

Putting the Right Talent in the Right Job

Giving value to the adage ‘ To get the right work, put the right people at the right job’, we take pains to find out the suitability of a particular candidate for a job, and given the rush for the best job openings, we never tire out by the tediousness of the whole process involved.