Sales & Marketing

Marketing and sales training of PINNACLE

Marketing and sales training of PINNACLE can deliver significant business benefits. Training ones employees in better sales technique, customer service skills and marketing expertise helps boost sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Sales and marketing training and development is a part of the way one manages employees from the outset, starting with a well-planned induction programme for new employees.

Practical training is an important part of building skills, particularly in areas such as sales. Options include role play exercises, accompanying employees on sales calls and debriefing employees thoroughly after successful or unsuccessful activities. If one lacks the skills or resources within ones business, one might want to bring in a sales coach or marketing consultant to help develop marketing and sales skills.

Our marketing and sales training options include a wide range of training workshops, seminars and training. Marketing specialists may need a planned training and development programme as part of the continuous professional development (CPD) requirements of a formal marketing qualification.

As with any form of training, one should look for reputable suppliers offering training courses with a record of delivering results. Look for recommendations from business contacts and trainers with appropriate marketing qualifications and accreditation.

We offer customized and off-the-shelf training programs devoted to specific marketing and sales topics. Marketing topics include introductions to Business Marketing and Consumer Marketing, and advanced courses such as New Product Development and Innovation, Brand Management, and Marketing Planning.

To ensure that in-company trainings meet the specific needs of our clients, we first conduct a Needs Assessment. Following the Needs Assessment, we design and develop the training curriculum, and facilitate, or co-facilitate the programs. Finally, we evaluate results to ensure effective knowledge and skill transfer.

Our training programs are designed to help our clients accomplish their marketing and sales objectives, and ultimately improve business performance.

The Sales and Marketing Executive Training Programme is a 3 months long programme specializing in Sales and Marketing.

An opportunity to earn industry-wide recognition. The programme leads to an Executive position in the Sales & Marketing function.

Profile of A Trainee

  • Flexible and extrovert nature with a Command over Language
  • Must possess leadership qualities and Common sense
  • Good Overall performance in the college/school
  • Hard working and willing to take risks
  • Well groomed personality
  • Good negotiation skills
  • Either gender with Caring Attitude
  • Should not be a watch watcher

Essential Qualifications

Either of the following from a recognized institution 

  • The incumbent must not have failed in any subject in the final year of the qualifying course Candidates will be selected on the basis of interviews and tests
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Bachelors Degree in Hotel Management
  • Graduation from a reputed college
  • MBA or equivalent